Uvrstitveni testi

Uvrstitveni testi obsegajo izbirna vprašanja, na katere odgovarjate s klikom na pravilno rešitev. Možna je samo ena rešitev. Veliko sreče pri reševanju uvrstitvenih testov vam želimo.



1. A: Hi, Tom. is Nancy.
B: Hello, Nancy. to you.
2. Hi, I'm Tim. 's your ?
3. A: Hi, Jack. are you?
B: I'm fine, thanks.
4.  A: morning. What's your name?
B: 's Walter Banks.
5.  A: See you.
B: See you Sunday.
6.  's your surname?
7.  Where are you ? I'm from Japan.
8.  How are you? I'm 36.
9.  How do you your name? B-L-A-C-K.
10.  Is she from China? No, she .
11.  Are they from the United States? Yes, they .
12.  Look. He's wearing watch.
13.  What is this? This is umbrella.
14.  Simon works three other people.
15.  Tina works an office.
16.  We are going the cinema tonight.
17.  There is only you the picture. Where are the others?
18.  Jim works home.
19.  My father earns a lot money.
20.  What's bonjour English?
21.  I go to work bus.
22.  What do you usually do the weekend?
23.  He plays tennis the evening.
24.  I usually have breakfast six o'clock.
25.  Mondays and Fridays I have my English class.
26.  My father was born 15th June.
27.  It is very hot in Italy August.
28.  My birthday is March.
29.  A: I see your passport, please?
B: Just a moment.
30.  I think this sign says you not smoke.
31.  you turn on the light, please?
32.  Martin's English and wife's American.
33.  Is this girlfriend? She is really nice.
34.  What time is it? five o'clock.
35.  Every day I up at 10 o'clock. Then I a shower and dressed.
36.  In the evening we dinner and watch TV.
37.  A: you like a drink, sir?
B: Yes, a mineral water, .
38.  I like tennis.
39.  We hate TV.
40.  You in a house with a garden.
41. She the newspaper every morning.
42. They TV in the evenings.
43. you live in a flat?
44. Tom smoke?
45. they play tennis every Saturday?
  Insert the correct tense:
1. I (speak) English.
2. (Lisa ski) every winter?
3. Lisa (not be) here. She (work) at the moment.
4.  A: (you know) how to cook?
B: Yes, I do.
5.  A: What (you do) at the moment?
B: Nothing.
6.  Yesterday morning my mother (break) her leg.
7.  Last year we (go) to France but we (not have) a good time.
8.  A: (Nick call) you last Friday?
B: Yes, he did.
9.  A: What (Jane do) yesterday at 5 o'clock?
B: She (work) in the garden.
10.  Chris (cook) dinner when the telephone_ (ring).
11.  A: Do you have any plans for your holidays?
B: Yes, we (go) to Spain.
12.  A: Ann is in hospital.
B: I know. I (visit) her tomorrow.
Insert some or any:
13.  A: Is there food left in the fridge?
B: Oh, just apples.
14.  Last time when I went to the disco there weren't people.
15.  Can you give me cookies, please?
Members of the family:
16.  My father's brother is my .
17.  My mother's father is my .
18.  My aunt's son is my .
19.  My brother's daughter is my .
Insert the correct word:
20.  It's a place where you can buy stamps.
21.  It's a person who teaches children.
22.  It's a thing you do when you are thirsty.
23.  It's a thing you do when you are hungry.
Insert: who, where, which
24.  This is the restaurant we had dinner last week.
25.  I need a workbook has all the answers.
26.  She's the woman works in our office.
Insert the correct word:
27.  We go to holidays summer.
28.  My mother has birthday Monday.
29.  We'll have dinner 7 o'clock.
Which word is different:
30.  three | eighteen | twentieth | thirty-five |
31.  shy | tall | dark | slim |
32.  eye | mouth | nose | feet |
  Insert the correct tense:
1. I (speak) Italian but I (not understand) German.
2. I'm busy at the moment. I (cook).
3. Two days ago Andy (fall) down the stairs and (hurt) his head.
4.  I'm really sorry but I (not have) time for you last week.
5.  You look tired. (you just come) from work?
6.  When Sally (be) a child, she (not eat) vegetables.
7.  Mick and Jane (be married) for 10 years. They (meet) in Paris.
8.  When I (walk) down the street yesterday I_ (see) an accident.
9.  Thanks for lending me the money. I (pay) you back tomorrow.
10.  A: (you see) the concert tomorrow?
B: Yes, I already have the tickets.
Insert the correct word:
11.  A: me, sir. Can you tell me what's the time?
B: It's quarter past 10.
A: very much.
B: No problem.
12.  a supermarket near here?
13.  I always try the clothes before I buy them.
14.  Take your coat. It's very hot in here.
15.  I'm interested art and music.
16.  Hey, where have you been? I've been waiting you for 2 hours.
17.  Last night I dreamt a beautiful lady.
18.  Yesterday I wrote an email_ my business partner.
19.  Sit and open your books!
20.  Mary has birthday 25th December.
21.  Bats fly around night.
22.  School starts September.
Write the opposites:
23.  find -
24.  lend -
25.  beautiful -
26.  uncomfortable -
Insert the correct word:
27.  It's a person you go to when you are ill.
28.  It's a person who acts in films.
29.  It's a place where you can borrow books.
30.  It's a place where you can buy medicine.
Insert: have to, don't have to, doesn't have to, must, mustn't:
31.  You smoke on the train.
32.  She tip the waitress.
33.  You be careful on the road.
34.  Do you be quiet in the library?


  1. ____________ to our party next Saturday?
    • Are you coming
    • Do you come
    • Did you come
  2. What time did the concert _____________?
    • beginning
    • begin
    • began
  3. You _____________ use a computer for this work.
    • need
    • needn't
    • don't need
  4. Andy ____________ my wallet while he was walking home from college.
    • was finding
    • has found
    • found
  5. I'm sorry, Dad's not here this weekend, he's ____________ to my uncle's house.
    • been
    • gone
    • went
  6. __________ this author written many books?
    • Did
    • Is
    • Has
  7. Several languages ___________ taught in this school.
    • are
    • have
    • do
  8. It's the best to go around the city centre on ________ .
    • bus
    • foot
    • bicycle
  9. We can use the pedestrian ______________ near the traffic lights.
    • cross
    • crossing
    • across
  10. I’ve thrown __________ all the old newspapers and tidied the sitting room.
    • off
    • down
    • away
  11. James is not well. I think _________ better go home early.
    • he’d
    • he
    • he’s
  12. I can’t write any homework because I’ve broken my ___________ .
    • wrist
    • throat
    • ankle
  13. I’m really looking forward ____________ your brothers and sisters.
    • meet
    • to meet
    • to meeting
  14. The six o’clock train is the most _____________ for me.
    • available
    • convenient
    • popular
  15. Clare usually wears plain skirts and __________ shirts.
    • pattern
    • patterns
    • patterned
  16. That plastic watch isn’t _________ €50.
    • cost
    • afford
    • worth
  17. My father ___________ to cycle to work, but now he drives.
    • use
    • used
    • uses
  18. We ___________ catch a bus because I’ve got my car.
    • don’t have to
    • mustn’t
    • can’t
  19. _______ your brother come to the film with us or is he too young?
    • Must
    • Does
    • Can
  20. I didn’t get _________ with my brother when we were little, but we’re good friends now.
    • up
    • off
    • on
  21. I want to _________ my hair cut before my holiday.
    • do
    • make
    • have
  22. What ___________ to do after dinner?
    • does everyone going
    • everyone is going
    • is everyone going
  23. The guests _________ already started dancing when my parents came in.
    • were
    • had
    • have
  24. This picture ___________ me of my parent’s house.
    • remembers
    • recognizes
    • reminds
  25. The students will wait here until someone __________ them.
    • calls
    • will call
    • call
  26. Thank you for ____________ me to watch your match, but I’m afraid I’m busy.
    • ask
    • asked
    • asking
  27. Dave ________ to take us to the station in his car.
    • offered
    • finished
    • didn’t mind
  28. Does the school let students _________ parties in the hall?
    • have
    • to have
    • having
  29. I’m not afraid ________ saying what I believe.
    • to
    • from
    • of
  30. The lead singer danced __________ than the other members of the group.
    • worse
    • worst
    • badly
  31. I’m ringing __________ about the exam results.
    • for ask
    • to ask
    • for asking
  32. We asked the mechanic __________ the motorbike for us.
    • to mend
    • he mended
    • did he mend
  33. Who was _________ control of the spacecraft?
    • in
    • at
    • on
  34. Gilda told us that the party __________ at about ten o’clock.
    • began
    • begun
    • to begin
  35. This is the person ___________ gave me your address.
    • which
    • where
    • who
  36. These pictures ___________ painted by a friend of Picasso’s.
    • were
    • had
    • have
  37. I’m not very keen __________ loud music.
    • on
    • for
    • to
  38. The next match will be __________ in Manchester.
    • play
    • to play
    • played
  39. Alice is the girl ___________ guitar I borrowed for the concert.
    • that
    • whose
    • her
  40. Adrian wanted to know where ____________ the CD player.
    • did you buy
    • I had bought
    • was bought
  41. May I _________ on these shirts to see if they suit me, please?
    • pull
    • wear
    • try
  42. If you buy the tickets, __________ for the meal after the show.
    • we’ll pay
    • we’d pay
    • we paid
  43. No one will know my story __________ you tell them.
    • if
    • unless
    • although
  44. The interviewer asked the singer if he ___________ always lived in California.
    • did
    • had
    • would
  45. Luckily none of my friends hurt _________ when our tent fell down.
    • ourselves
    • himself
    • themselves
  46. If you _________ near the sea, you’d probably swim more often.
    • live
    • would live
    • lived
  47. He’ll certainly send us an email unless he ___________ our address.
    • would forget
    • forgets
    • will forget
  48. The students were never __________ danger while they were climbing the mountain.
    • in
    • at
    • on
  49. Would you like sparkling or __________ mineral water?
    • flat
    • still
    • soft
  50. After _________ the email, he left the room.
    • read
    • reading
    • had read
  51. Do you know how much __________?
    • cost these postcards
    • do these postcards cost
    • these postcards cost
  52. College bus
    • This bus service cannot be used by college staff unless they show ID cards.
    • Students can get their ID cards on the bus.
    • Students are not allowed on the bus unless they have ID cards.
  53. The library will University holidays
    • Have shorter opening hours until next Friday
    • Change its opening hours next Friday
    • Open again to students next Friday
  54. Market
    • Customers may park outside the market for up to three hours.
    • You may unload your vehicle here at any time.
    • Customers may park here at times when vehicles are not unloading.

Example: I have never been to Paris before.
This is the first time I have been to Paris.

1. There’s a possibility the plane will be delayed so take a book to read.
You should take a book to read delayed.
2. Mr Jones started teaching when he was twenty-six.
Mw Jones was twenty six.
3. I will only feed your dog if it is friendly.
I will it is friendly.
4.  How long is it since you travelled abroad?
When abroad?
5.  I haven’t had a holiday for nearly a year.
It I had a holiday.
6.  Many useful things have been invented because of the microchip.
The microchip of many useful things.
7.  I really hate the endless showing of car commercials on TV.
I really that car commercials are endlessly shown on TV.
8.  The city is cleaning up many of its ancient monuments at present.
Many of the ancient monuments in the city at present.
9.  Did your parents let you stay up when you were young?
Were you your parents when you were young?
10.  Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, will be visited by the American space probe in six years’ time.
Titan, , will be visited by the American space probe in six years’ time.
11.  “Mary didn’t throw the rubbish out of the window!” the boy said.
“It the rubbish out of the window,” the boy said.
12.  “Have you seen my library books anywhere?” Hilary asked her mother.
Hilary asked her mother library books anywhere.
13.  “I saw you hit that new boy in the playground!” the teacher told him.
The teacher new boy in the playground.
14.  It’s a pity I didn’t buy that dress I saw yesterday.
I that dress I saw yesterday.
15.  The concert was cancelled due to the small number of ticket sales.
They of the small number of ticket sales.

Insurance companies specialising insurance policies for dangerous activities reporting a dramatic increase in number of British holidaymakers choosing thrills and danger for their holiday fortnight. It seems that risky activities white-water rafting, freefall parachuting and bobsleighing appeal in particular high-earning young men.

Two years , Andrew Blowers, a keen parachutist, set his own travel insurance company. He did this because he had had such difficulty finding insurance cover for . In the past year, he seen a huge increase in demand. Most other insurance companies from his own exclude dangerous activities from their policies, whereas Mr Blowers insists that there are very things that his company would not cover. Big game hunting, go karting, white-water rafting and scuba diving are all included in the standard rate of insurance offer.


I’m a driving test examiner. I ran my own driving school for twelve years before applying to become an examiner in 1996. Since then I’ve (1) to examine lorry and bus drivers and instruct trainee examiners. I (2) that I’ve assessed 16,000 people and passed around half of them. The first lorry driver I passed (3) tears. However, the most (4) reasons for failing are not being ready and beein too (5). Inwardly I’m telling the candidates not to do something stupid like (6) out into moving traffic, but I am not (7) to tell them how to drive.

When I (8) my own test I was extremely nervous and had to (9) with a very strict and unfrienly examiner. We’re taught nowadays to put people at their (10). We pass everyone who’s up to (11), but people often present themselves too soon. I’ve never been offered money to pass anyone, (12) one man asked me if he could make me change my (13). I then (14) him to the police. My ambition is to be a supervising examiner in (15) of test centres in a large area.
1. A resulted
2. A count
3. A burst into
4. A simple
5. A tense
6. A make
7. A admitted
8. A took
9. A suffer
10. A rest
11. A limit
12. A while
13. A mind
14. A reported
15. A responsibility
B succeeded
B number
B turned back
B regular
B tight
B pull
B let
B performed
B meet
B ease
B test
B even
B thoughts
B declared
B care
C qualified
C judge
C carried on
C average
C stretched
C pick
C allowed
C achieved
C experience
C peace
C measure
C although
C attitude
C announced
C duty
D mastered
D estimate
D set off
D common
D stiff
D stand
D enabled
D effected
D deal
D leisure
D standard
D despite
D view
D notified
D charge

Cleopatra was not beautiful (BEAUTY), at least according to her portrait on coins. But she was loved by very (POWER) men, like Caesar and Anthony. The (APPRECIATE) of beauty is similar everywhere. For example, many people think Sharon Stone is an (ATTRACT) woman.

Males can (IDENTITY) handsome men, and females lovely women. We don’t learn this (RESPOND) , we’re born with it. We also believe that good-looking people are more (LIKE), competent and intelligent. It is an extremely (PLEASANT) form of stereotyping.

However, in one (REMARK) experiment, researchers brought a group of (STRANGE) together for an hour a day. Happily, after four days, factors such as (FRIEND) had become more important than looks.



1.  Guten Tag, Herr Tomas! Wie es Ihnen?
2.  Mein Name Peter Krombacher.
3.  Das sind Karmen und Angelika. sind Studentinen.
4.  Wie ist es? ist halb vier.
5.  Ich nehme lieber Kaffee.
6.  Sie wünschen? Ich eine Wurstsemmel.
7.  Mein Freund in London.
8.  Bitte fragen Sie Lehrer!
9.  Entschuldigen Sie! Sie mir helfen?
10.  Gehen wir essen. Ich lade dich .
11.  Guten Morgen! du gut geschlafen?
12.  Was schenkst du Vater zum Geburtstag?
13.  Frau Müller ist mit dem Zug nach Paris .
14.  Ihr Mann ist mit dem Flugzeug nach Griechenland .
15.  Ich trinke Orangensaft als Mineralwasser.
16.  Heute abend möchten wir Kino gehen.
17.  Meine Oma hängt ein Bild Wand.
18.  Dana kann leider nicht mitkommen, sie am Abend beschäftigt ist.
19.  Bitte, mir das Buch zurück, wenn du es gelesen hast!
20.  Ich war gestern Zahnarzt.
21.  Keine Frau ist so schön wie du. Du bist Frau der Welt.
22.  Ich weiß nicht, Astrid verheiratet ist oder nicht.
23.  Wer ist der Mann, du gesprochen hast?
24.  Ich habe keine Lust, jeden Morgen um fünf Uhr .
25.  Ich gehe jetzt in einem Deutschkurs, Walzer tanzen lernen.
26.  ich nach Hause kam, lag ein Blumenstrauß vor meiner Tür.
27.  Du sollst dich das Geschenk bedanken.
28.  Er hat sich eine Stelle beworben.
29.  Denk bitte , dass du rechtzeitig kommst.
30.  Du sollst dich sein Benehmen gewöhnen.
31.  Weiß du, wann Amerika entdeckt ?
32.  An deiner Stelle ich mir keine Sorgen machen.
33.  Hier im Kino nicht geraucht werden.
34.  Sie müssen den Vertrag genau durchlesen, Sie ihn unterschreiben.
35.  Weißt du, sich Veronika interessiert?
36.  Den Film du sehen sollen. Er war wirklich wunderbar.
37.  Die Uhr ist kaputt. Die lässt nicht mehr reparieren.
38.  Dieser Skandal hätte schon längst aufgedeckt .
39.  Männer behaupten, dass auch die Sprache reformiert .
40.  Der Verkehr läuft wieder normal. Die Bauarbeiten abgeschlossen.
1.  Mein Name Uwe.
2.  Ich komme Deutschland.
3.  Das ist Kühlschrank, das ist ein Herd.
4.  Ich trinke ein Bier. Und was du?
5.  Entschuldigen Sie. Ist das hier Uhr?
6.  Ich kein Fleisch essen.
7.  Wie spät ist es? Es ist (15.37) .
8.  Mein Freund Bücher und Marathon in der Freizeit.
9.  Im Winter man Ski.
10.  Sommer schwimmt man.
11.  Montag Freitag ist man an der Arbeit.
12.  Wann feierst du Geburtstag? 3.7.
13.  du heute Zeit? Gehen wir ins Kino?
14.  die Tür zu! Es zieht.
15.  hast du Ferien? Im Herbst.
16.  Zum Essbesteck gehören das , die , der .
17.  Kinder essen gern Spinat.
18.  Kommst du ?  Wir fahren gleich ab.
19.  stehe ich früh auf.
20.  Abend sieht er lange fern.
1.  Peter möchte Hamburger.
2.  Maria ruft Freund an.
3.  Täglich sitzt man dem Computer.
4.  Er ist mit dem Auto einen Baum geprallt.
5.  Im Schlafzimmer es einen Schrank, ein Bett und einen Teppich.
6.  Du hängst das Hemd in Schrank.
7.  Das Bild hängt an Wand.
8.  Die Kinder stehen der Bäckerei.
9.  Ich heute um fünf aufgestanden.
10.  Was hast du im Sommer ?
11.  Jedes Jahr haben wir Urlaub auf Insel Krk gemacht.
12.  fährt ihr dieses Jahr?
13.  mir die richtige Antwort!
14.  Ich großes Glück.
15.  Er mit der Arbeit zufrieden.
16.  Hier man nicht rauchen.
17.  du als Kind allein in den Urlaub fahren?
18.  Man monatlich Rechnungen zahlen.
19.  Ich schwimmen.
20.  STOP! Hier man anhalten.


1. Come ti ? Luigi.
2. Come chiama? Francesca Consolaro.
3. Io irlandese, di Dublino.
4.  Francesco e Luisa di Bari.
5.  Come Giulia? Bene grazie, e tu?
6.  sera signora, come sta?
7.  Le presento signor Rossi.
8.  Giuliana parla bene spagnolo.
9.  Questa è Bernadette, mia amica francese.
10.  Io la commessa.
11.  Mio amico e di una banca.
12.  Di sei.
13.  Giovanni è Roma.
14.  Abito Bologna.
15.  e Lui? E Marco, fratello di Silvia.
16.  Quanti anni Nicola?
17.  Io una birra.
18.  Andiamo questo bar?
19.  Vuole il menù? No, grazie solo un primo.
20.  ! Sì, prego?
21.  Prendi anche tu il risotto o la pasta?
22.  Con gli amici a carte il giovedì.
23.  Nel tempo libero Adam uno strumento.
24.  Mia madre la spesa ogni giorno.
25.  una passeggiata insieme?
26.  e il tuo numero di telefono?
27.  Silvio va volentieri opera.
28.  Le piace andare cinema?
29.  Che ora ?
30.  La camera 80 euro.
31.  Confermo la di una camera singola con bagno.
32.  Anna non a scuola oggi?
33.  La casa è a pochi metri mare.
34.  camera non c’è il frigobar.
35.  In vacanza andiamo luglio.
36.  A Padova una chiesa antica.
37.  Vai subito destra.
38.  La chiesa è il museo e il teatro.
39.  in macchina o prendiamo il tram?
40.  Sono di fronte stazione.

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